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Permanent Make-Up Services


Eyebrows – Hairstroke or Microblading $299 (First Treatment)
Eyeliner – $325 upper or lower
Eyeliner – upper and lower $525
Lip liner – $350
Lip filler – $425

touch ups. $200 (First Treatment)

Eye Liner & Eyebrow Sculpting


The newest technique in permanent eyebrow makeup is called hair-stroke, micro-blading, or 3D eyebrow embroidery. This advanced hair simulation technique involves the use of a special micro-blading pen to push permanent pigments into the surface of the skin, creating ultra-fine, individual hair strokes. The meticulous artists at Permatech vary the length, direction, fullness, and even color of the strokes to mimic the growth of your natural hair.

The result is bolder, natural-looking brows with no bleeding or downtime. Results can last up to three years before beginning to fade. Though, we do include a 40-minute perfecting touch up after your brows are fully healed, typically within 4 weeks.


The powder-fill method is a more traditional technique for applying permanent eyebrow makeup. It involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment inserted into the skin, gradually building up a color and defined shape. Depending on your preference, the effect can be solid and well defined for a bold look or more powdery for softer definition. The effect is similar to that created with an eyebrow powder but without the hassle of applying makeup every day.

Includes perfecting visit within 4 weeks.

Lipstick & Lip Liner Makeup


If you prefer a well-defined lip, OUR lip liner service may be for you. This technique places pigment in a solid, defined line along the lip line to create a fuller-looking mouth. It’s also effective in correcting asymmetry of the mouth and, subsequently, the facial features overall.


Our full lip color service combines permanent lip liner, either soft and subtle or solid and defined, with a full lip color. The effect is that of a perfectly painted pout, without the daily hassle or risk of color smearing on your teeth or bleeding past the edges of the lip.


Areola Re-pigmentation & Nipple Restoration

If you’ve had a mastectomy or another type of breast surgery, or if you have irregular, fading, of faded areolas, our Makeup can restore or enhance the look of your breasts. And, for many women and men, that translates to restored confidence.

Areola re-pigmentation is a specialty area of permanent cosmetics, sometimes referred to as a paramedical procedure. It requires advanced education, extensive training, and experience. That’s especially true with today’s 3D techniques, which produce astonishingly realistic results.